Honoring life's most precious creations through living adornment. Each piece is made with love and intention


When I was a child my mother used to take me to the greenhouse with her every Spring and I was allowed to collect all the flowers 🌸 that had fallen off the plants. I would go home and put them in tiny little jars with other creatures that I had found; lady bugs 🐞, cicadas, butterflies, and spiders.

As I grew older I began experimenting with recreating these insects natural environments. I eventually moved on to incorporating found animal bones. When I would find these objects in nature I just adored witnessing the process of death and regrowth; the tiny bits of moss slowly inching up the weathered bones 🌿and all of the insects finding shelter in their various dark crevices. It was an absolutely magical process🔮

I would come home and try to recreate those scenes. To capture that enchanting process. A memory that I carried with me. You will notice a lot of the plants we use are directly planted in the skull. This is so you too can witness that. Over time you get to see the earth slowly reclaiming its beautiful creatures. And you become a part of that magical process with every water, every positive intention and every time you fertilize their tiny little roots.

The Terrorium Shop became a business in 2017 due to my lovely partner. After gifting him his own "Terrorium" (the first time I had shared my odd secret little hobby with anyone) he encouraged me to share them with all of you. That's when the magic began. What started as macabre terrariums blossomed into something so much more. With my partner, Ian's, taxidermy skills and my gardening skills we began creating truly unique pieces. But the real creators of The Terrorium Shop is all of you. We would not be able to do any of this without your support. It would still be a secret little hobby. So I just wanted to take the time to say thank you, truly, from the bottom of my little black heart for everyone’s support. This community has been so welcoming and amazing and I’m forever grateful 💕

Most of our products are ethically sourced, whether they were personally foraged or re-purposed road kill. We do not harm animals for art. Our containers are all hand picked from local thrift stores and estate sales, and our dried flowers are personally foraged and grown.