La Loba, the wolf woman, lurks in the shadows of the night, searching for new bones to add to her collection. She sifts through fields, scours the creek beds and ascends the steepest peaks, endlessly searching for all that is in danger of being lost to the world. Her cave remains full of all desert creatures, but her specialty is wolves.
One by one she lays out her collection of wolf bones, assembling an entire sculpture by the light of a night fire. La Loba raises her arms and sings -- her echo rustling the leaves of the oldest trees, rumbling through the tallest mountains and shaking the solid desert ground. She continues her song till the wild spirit of life resurrects her wolf creature once again.

Making Terroriums has always been my secret, if slightly odd, little hobby. My sister would jokingly call me La Loba for my unusual ability to find bones wherever we would explore. After our hikes I would try to recreate, in minature scale, just how I found these objects and bones in their natural state. A memory for the moments I most cherished.

The Terrorium Shop is a collaboration between Ian and Amber. Ian on mechanics, structural design, taxidermy and wood working. Amber on floral design, landscape layout and hunting for vintage treasures.


All of our products are ethically sourced, whether they were personally foraged or re-purposed road kill. We do not harm animals for art. Our containers are all hand picked from local thrift stores and estate sales, and our flowers are personally foraged and grown.

The process of decay and regrowth is beautiful.

We strive to capture that in our Terroriums - - Bringing a second life to those forgotten in this world.